Workers Compensation

New Jersey Workers Compensation


Under the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, an employee is obligated to notify his or her employer of any injury which occurs on the job. An injured employee has up to 90 days to report the accident. All employers have ACCIDENT REPORTS which you should fill out immediately after your injury.

Under the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, if an employee is injured on the job, the employer is responsible for all medical treatment resulting from the injury. However, the employer is entitled to choose the doctor with whom the employee will treat. A doctor chosen by your employer to treat a work related injured is called an authorized doctor. Therefore, it is vital that you notify your employer as to your injury and treat with an authorized doctor. If you fail to treat with an authorized doctor, you may be personally liable for all medical bills arising from the work injury.

Once you are treating with an authorized doctor, the doctor will eventually release you to return to work. Under the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, an Authorized doctor can only release you to return to work if you have reached A maximum medical benefit. Maximum medical benefit means that although you still may experience pain and other symptoms, you will not benefit from further treatment.

Under the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, you are entitled to receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits for the time period during which you are out of work. Temporary Total Disability Benefits are generally 70% of your gross weekly earnings. In order to receive these benefits, you must be: treating with an “Authorized Doctor” and the Authorized Doctor must have you out of work. These benefits can be paid for a maximum of 400 weeks. Moreover, these benefits will be cut once the authorized doctor determines you can return to work.